“6 Steps” to Define Leader..Our New school of Thought

“6 Steps” to Define Leader..Our New school of Thought
Learning & Development, also known as At Training & Development is a ‘Must to Adopt’ action point for any organization to grow and gets mature. The day to day dynamics of any business change and facing new challenges require a refined amalgamation of “4P’s” for any Organization. Its Processes, People, Productivity & Penetration. For boosting productivity, continuous and consistent training sessions at every level is the key to success for achieving the final “P”, Profits. According to research, two out of three UK workers have changed jobs because of a lack of training and development. In fact, out of 2,500 people surveyed by jobs website total jobs, two-thirds say training is more important today than it was two years ago. With unemployment rates standing at an all-time low, employers are facing a significant challenge to retain their workforce Catalyst Bureau few Hot Selling Training & Development Modules in the Micro & SME industry. We have a bucket of L&D modules… HR Advisory Services Customer Centricity… Strategic Imperatives: All Organizations are Different but they are not different in terms of what they must do to achieve World-Class-Excellence
  1. Business Excellence Core Values
  2. Integration through Business Excellence
  3. Enterprise Process Model (EPM)
  4. Customer Centricity Core Principles
  5. Case Studies of Customer Centricity (B2B and B2C)
  6. Hire Smile Integration… Why People come to Work
  7. How to track Customer Centricity.. BSC Model
Goal Settings… “GROW MODEL”
  1. Nature of Goals
  2. End Goals and Performance Goals
  3. Comprehending Reality
  4. Models of Coaching
  5. Models of Coaching I.. GROW
  6. Models of Coaching II… “Inner Game”
  7. Questions of Grow Model
Performance Management & Coaching:      
  1. Traditional Management Model
  2.  Counseling v/s Coaching v/s Mentoring
  3. Mechanics of Coaching
  4. Coaching I…
  5. Coaching II… “GROW Model”
  6. Coaching III… “Inner Game Model”
Re-Structuring Model: “Accelerating Revenue, Cost-Effectiveness & Productivity”
  1. Analysis of Current Structure
  2. Analysis of Department wise Structure
  3. Analysis of Teeth- Tail Ratio in terms of number of employees
  4. Analysis of Teeth – Tail Ratio in terms of Revenue
  5. Analysis of Teeth- Tail Ration in terms of Cost
  6. Mapping of each and every Employee activity, department wise
  7. Time Motion Study
  8. Identification of Various Gaps and Duplicities
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