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Has the time come for Education System to Educate itself?

Education Industry is a very dynamic institution that evolves with the changing needs of society. The aim of education varies from time to time in the same society. My experience forces me to say that the Indian education system is based on measuring outputs in the form of marks. It seems like we are following a school of thought which is based on the “Outside-In” theory.

As per Catalyst Bureau’s analysis for the past few years and after interacting with students across India, its school of thought is that the mindset of learning theoretical knowledge is supported by most of the Indian parents but isn’t it that most of us calibrate the thoughts of our child with our own dreams? Do we really allow the child to focus on its own thoughts? We generally indulge our wishes into our children, conveying that our hard work and efforts are for the sake of their happy life.

A survey conducted between Indian students falling in the age group of 14 to 21 has revealed that a staggering 93% of the students are only aware of the 7 career options even when there are diverse career opportunities available in the India subcontinent. Imagine the pressure on the child, who might have given hope till now.

The data from the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) shows that 13 out of every 100 Indians between 5-29 years did not attend school or college or dropped out because they did not consider education a “necessity” or just “lost interest in the field”.

India’s core strength is its Brain bank. Time has come for the education system to start thinking on how to “Change before the change and not with the Change”. We have to start a new school of thought which is to find a way on how to inspire the “TSD” amongst the children. T is the Thrill quotient related to mindset and behavior. It’s the Desire of every individual. S is the Skill quotient, execution and capability. It’s always acquirable and not rocket science. Cultivating the Thrill & Skill of a child will gradually boost the Drill quotient of the child, which is nothing but the child’s intelligence level. If we understand the ‘TSD’ of a child, we can shift the present theory of “Outside-In” to an “Inside-Out” action.

We have to synergize the thought process of our education system where parents are equally contributing towards their child’s growth. A child has to be trained on “Learn to Serve and Serve to Learn” theory from the beginning of its learning cycle, and meanwhile, the education sector has to progressively contribute towards developing thoughtful practices for practical learning and development programs.

All of us are moving towards a new India that is focused mainly on “Make in India” and “Digital India”. I am sure that we are not going to reach our destined journey without looking at the path of Thrill, Skill & Drill and the present and future of our country together…

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