Once a student passes Class 8th, one question starts haunting the kid as well as their parents’ i.e. “What Career to Pursue?” Making the right career choice is vigorous and exciting process as this requires a lot of efforts and thinking. It has been discerned from past few years that students are forced to opt the career according to their parent’s choice. Digitalization has changed the vision of young generation towards their life and success.

Parents spend tons of money and time for child’s future. They must invest few hours to match child’s-


Mindset and Behavior (Desire)


Execution capability and capacity (Acquirable)


Intelligence levels (Controllable)

“Chanakya mentored and made Chandragupta Maurya the greatest ruler in the history of India. In spite of all his efforts in battle and strategy the credit goes to Chanakya for identifying the potential in the young child”.

Likewise educationalist at Catalyst Bureau follow their modern and practical technique of analysing THRILL, SKILL & DRILL to assess interest and recommend them with the latest career opportunities with real-life success plan. One to one career counselling session with our Education/Career Advisors helps the child and their parents to have a clear view over various career options by connecting their passion and potentials.

7th Class

It’s a primary stage of education in student’s life, in which student starts learn about their behaviour, knowledge and skills which helps them to prepare for higher classes.

8th Class

It is a middle stage of child’s education helps them to operate at higher level of complexity. They also gain greater knowledge and deeper understanding.

9th Class

At this level of education students emphasis on their career choice and start developing their skills and attitudes to a satisfactory level.

10th Class

It is a secondary stage of education where students make their career choices and start preparing for the same depend upon their interest and expertise.

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