This start-up idea of launching Catalyst Bureau is the Brainchild of Mr. Arnav Jain who scored 81st All India Rank in JEE Advance. An  Acquiescent, Enthralled and Ardent human being since Childhood. A known “Influencer” for students preparing for JEE Advance as he was very apparent on his school of thought of giving back to society all his learnings and practical experiences. 

Latest Awards:

  • Awarded “Youngest Rising Star of the Year in Education Field” by Economic Times Ascent (2023-24)
  • Award of Endowment Merit Scholarship from IIT Delhi for the academic Year 2022-23

A good painter, Tennis player, Guitarist and an Orator with a strong mindset of  “3I” …Inventive, Investigative & Inspiring

Few Scholastic Achievements worth mentioning:

  • Gold Medallist and Topper of various Coaching Institutions
  • JSTSE & NTSE Scholarship Hold
  • NSEJS Qualifier
  • KVPY/INSPIRE Fellowship
  • IOQP Stage 1 & 2 Qualifier in Physics, Chemistry & Astronomy
  • State Topper on various exams of International Olympiads
  • RMO Qualify

He always had an interest in Space and time in science and got more inspired by Stephen Hawking. His book ‘A Brief History of Time’ expanded his perspective and helped him to go deeper into science. Persuaded by him, he built his interest in science in a very initial phase and once he entered the vast world of sciences, there was no looking back.

He like Physics and Math the most. Physics teaches him about the real-life situations that are happening around us like space and cosmos, motion of objects and study of light. According to him, Math is a ‘language; that is the basic backbone for tackling and solving all these problems.

One of his biggest achievements in Science field was developing an “Aqua Alarm Clock.” The “Aqua alarm clock” is a new innovation by him. It basically uses water to wake a person instead of sound as it is much more Effective and Assuring. For making it in real life, it needed extensive knowledge about Current electricity, essential hardware (like motors) and a bit about circuits. This innovative concept was also sent for taking the copyright of the same. The video was uploaded on the YouTube. His channel’s name is “Inventive Planet”.

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