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The Greatest empire in the indian history had the mind of a mentor

Now imagine the possibilities for your child

Having a background of more than 28+ years of national & international market experience, Vineet Jain, is amongst the top educationalist, coaches & mentors having expertise in bringing Swiss Army Knife like Education & Career Solutions by analyzing Scientific Behavior & Skill Insights through “Thrill, Skill & Drill” of the student. He always acts as a “Prescient” foreseeing the future happenings and their effects on the Child’s Career Path. Learning to Serve & Serving to Learn... Leading Change  


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"IKIGAI" - Vineet Jain

We have a team of handpicked experts from various fields, by facilitate them with top coaching for IIT-JEE & NEET thus ensuring your child is equipped for anything and everything.

We create magic when we enable educators to become open to new learning methods via technological advances that help students understand concepts better. Educators and instructors need to embrace technology and use it effectively to bring about a change.

A mentor will enable children to get a better understanding of themselves and will help them to mold themselves into a better version of what they were yesterday.

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Vineet Jain

Coach & Mentor


Dr Gunika Jain

Known NEET Mentor


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