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At Catalyst Bureau our goal is not just to focus on one aspect of education. Our goal is to change how people look at education.

Generally, people look out for the curriculum to be covered for class 12th boards, some focus on the entrance exams and some look out for college entrances.

The uni-dimensional approach of pushing the child to pursue a course and career rather than understanding the child's interest or thrills is leading to the fight of "Survival for the Fittest". At Catalyst Bureau, our goal is to help student Experience the Joy of Learning, Evaluate the journey of progress and constantly Empower than to get better. Enhance your THRILL, SKILL & DRILL.

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"Discovery to Action"-New Age Educationalist

We as Alchemists believe in the new school of thought “Change before the Change and not with the Change

We follow our own unique and pedagogical approach towards the education known as the TSD School of Thoughts. The TSD  emphasis on the Thrill, Skill and the Drill factor of a Child’s Mindset. It eventually facilitates in improving their abilities of intelligence level by grasping concepts and its application. This approach helps in raising the bar and providing a competitive edge.

Learning to Serve & Serving to Learn… Leading Change

Why WE?

  • We take a holistic approach towards building career by providing early opportunity of leaning and competition.

  • We offer a pedagogical learning approach for all of our students.

  • Mentorship by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated experts of the industry.

  • Widening of visualizing ability and comprehension through concept building.

  • Raising the learning bar by sharpening brain development techniques.

  • Leading by example through development and engagement programs.



The Roots for success are laid early in life

Aren’t we more Focused on Performance & Output only? Aren’t we pushing our child to “Rataabazzi”? Aren’t parents, children & our education system confused in “What They Want”?

Education which we caters to students of Class 6th-8th is where the “Roots for Success” lays what they are going to achieve in career. Therefore, this education is extremely imperative for all sections of society.

This middle-level education is that part of the success ladder where the syllabus is spread across various topics that focus on preparing a base for higher-level concepts. These concepts are the stepping stones to a ground level understanding of the higher-level terms.

We at Catalyst Bureau focus on the foundation of a child from class 6th in order to channelize and align the mindsets of parents and children through personalised attentions and solutions.

Myths vs Reality

Services Offered

Education Consulting

Helping the students to figure out their right path towards higher education. We guides by keeping your career goals in mind and suggesting you the institution which is best suited for the course you want to pursue.

Career Counselling

Students now-a-days get confused about their career, due to overloaded information on internet. Our expert educationalist helps students to choose best career according to their capabilities and area of interest.

Entrance Exam Preparation

Preparing students to change approach for entrance exams. We use pedagogical learning approach, which helps students to develop unique system for themselves that enables their chances of success.

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Catalyst Bureau's mission is to extend your knowledge, Research & Expertise.

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