Child’s ‘Desire’ Vs Parent’s ‘Dream’: Who’s it about?

Child’s ‘Desire’ Vs Parent’s ‘Dream’: Who’s it about?

In this world of billions, that has an average population age below 30 years, people are struggling to live a satisfied life. The reasons behind this situation may be many, but one that is affecting the most is the choice of work. In India, the population is rising at an exponential rate; there are a many people who are below the age of 27 than ever before. There are fewer and lesser old people, and the young crowd is flooding the working class. 

The rising population is either breaking the confidence of people or making it; there is more pressure on people who want to thrive and achieve something big. People are scared if they’ll be able to make it to the end or perish while trying. 

And in this while, young children are losing direction. They are being deviated to lead a life in which they’ll print money, well, only according to their parents. They may also be led to a way in which they fail miserably because they lack the desire and interest to pursue it.

 Just like Tamasha, there are so many families out there in India, and in this world, who are pushing their children to pursue a course or career they are okay at but aren’t interested in. You must be thinking that Tamasha is just a movie, and that parents are more understanding than this and don’t push their children into something they are not, but guess what, over 70% of the total student population do not study what they want to and are studying what may or may not be good for their future. 

This crowd of students are fighting to fulfil their desires and are losing miserably, due to lack of confidence, resources to achieve their dreams, and parental support. 

But is it about the child’s desire or parents Dream? How can we synergize for enhancing performance production potential? 

Also, what is a child learning at a JEE or NEET coaching institute? Is there any value additions? Is it any different from what the child is learning in school? Is there any specific study material for JEE and NEET? Is online coaching for JEE and NEET the best option? After all, will this make your child happy, successful, and satisfied in the long-term? 

This IITian EdTech is changing the school of thought to concept of “Mentoring First and Coaching Afterwards”. 

Our school of thought helps student Experience the Joy of Learning, Evaluate the journey of progress and constantly Empower than to get better enhance their “THRILL, SKILL & DRILL”.

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