Is going to Kota for JEE or NEEET preparation the only best available option?

Is going to Kota for JEE or NEEET preparation the only best available option?

Is going to Kota for JEE or NEEET preparation the only best available option?

The most frequent queries of parents are… Where to get the best coaching from JEE Mains? From where to get IIT Foundation courses? What are the top JEE coaching Institutes? Which are the best classes for NEET? Which is the Top coaching for IIT? Where to get Online coaching for JEE/NEET? How to get the best study material for IIT/NEET?

After this the question is Shall I send my child to Kota for JEE and NEET preparation?

What are some red flags of Life once you go to Kota?

A culture of building Pressure Cooker in a Child: Education or study up to 10th class as it is very basic, and easy to understand. But when a student goes to class 11th, the syllabus changes drastically, and students who are preparing for JEE/NEET have to face extra pressure on difficulty levels. They must maintain a balance between both school and their JEE/NEET preparation. Living alone in Kota, away from family makes things even harder for students.

Does every student get the same quality and equality of Education in Kota? The students who go to Kota are from different parts of India and belong to different backgrounds. When they study together, and their results come out, peer pressure is difficult to handle. Intelligent students get access to better facilities, as they are the students who get more business from institutes. This discrimination affects the mental health of the students who score average or below average. Where is the question of Quality & Equality?

Am I getting an overall development of the Child? No hidden secret, students preparing for JEE/NEET in Kota are just busy studying all the time. The usual routine they follow is 7-8 hours of study in coaching, followed by 1-2 hours in dummy schools, and then self-study. Exposure to the outer world makes them lack social skills and confidence. They may perform better in exams, but they won’t be able to participate in group discussions, presentations, or interviews.

Is Mentoring or Personal Counselling available in Kota? Kota has been in limelight for not-so-good reasons, and most of the time it’s about the incidents that keep happening to students. Many students have tried to attempt suicide and a lot of times lost their life. The teachers are not paying attention to students, as there’s a lack of empathy. They do not monitor the behavior of students in class and fail to identify the signs of depression.

If you think going to Kota is the only way to prepare for NEET/JEE, you’re probably wrong. There are thousands of students from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, who clear entrance exams every year. A lot of students have only studied by enrolling in online courses/classes post-pandemic and have successfully scored well.

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