What is the one 360*“USP” that no educational institute follows?

What is the one 360*“USP” that no educational institute follows?


  • We take a holistic approach towards building a career by providing early opportunity of learning and competition.
  • We offer a pedagogical learning approach for all our students.
  • Mentorship by highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated experts of the industry.
  • Widening visualizing ability and comprehension through concept building.
  • Raising the learning bar by sharpening brain development techniques.
  • Leading by example through development and engagement programs.

Chanakya mentored and made Chandragupta Maurya the greatest ruler in the history of India. Despite all his efforts in battle and strategy the credit goes to Chanakya for identifying the potential in the young child”. Likewise, educationalists at Catalyst Bureau follow their modern and practical technique of analyzing THRILL, SKILL & DRILL to assess interest and recommend them with the latest career opportunities with real-life success plan.

One to one career counselling session with our Education/Career Advisors helps the child and their parents to have a clear view over various career options by connecting their passion and potentials.

“Discovery to Action”: A New Age “3I” Educationalist (Innovative, Investigative, and Inspiring)

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